Born in Montreal Canada, Juliane was raised in a household filled with the sounds of all genres from her parents love of music. As she grew, her ear became more drawn towards Pop-soul and R&B.

Influences growing up such as Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey were a source of her staple diet. In the present, these influences still play a part of her sound.

In 2008, Juliane gained confidence after being asked to perform for AKON at the initial launch for Hitlab. Akon’s quote after her performance was simple, “I honestly never thought that big voice could come out of that little body.”

Using this experience as a catapult, Juliane went on to perform her songs in her local town to NYC.

Juliane now collaborates with the likes of Zachary “Soke” Raymond, member of the group Banx & Ranx (Olly Murs, Sean Paul, Taio Cruz, Ella Eyre), Albert Chambers (Juno nominated songwriter-producer), Steven J. Robinson (Selena Gomez, Hailee Steinfeld, Mr. Talkbox) and more.

In 2018, her music has been streamed over 400,000 times and shared in more than 4000 playlists. You can hear her music in a few promotional campaigns for the Canadian fashion brand Dynamite, in the TV Movie Psycho Pro Queen and in renowned youtube beauty moguls Desi Perkins and Dulce Candy Vlogs.

Stay tuned for new music in 2019.

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